Soy Milk Maker


Make smooth and healthy soy milk in your own kitchen

  • Faster and finer grinding
  • Prepare a wide range of dishes
  • Quickly disassembles for cleaning
  • Better quality milk
  • Deliver a more even grind
  • Faster and more durable grinding for years
  • Consistent heating for better texture
  • Easily add ingredients during cooking

Color: Black


Benefit from the protein packed nutrition of soy, made right in your own home. The Midea Soy Milk Maker 7000 Series performs exceptionally fine grinding, allowing you to grind raw beans into wonderfully smooth milk, plus porridges, tofu, jams, and more.

Easy cleaning

Easily remove the inner cup for fast rinsing.

Temperature control

Temperature control sensor detects and ensures optimal heat for higher quality milk

RawGrind technology

Even raw beans can be ground into the smoothest textures with RawGrind technology. There's no soaking or cooking of beans needed, saving you extra time in the kitchen.


Create more than soy milk. Use as a blender, a porridge maker, create jams, tofu, and more.

Internal grind ribs

In conjunction with RawGrind Technology, the Inner Grind Ribs help the breakdown of the beans into the finest grind possible.

SharpCut Triple Blade

Three thick blades are tapered down to a finely sharpened edge, giving you the finest grinding with long term durability.


More even and pleasurable textures are ensured by moderating the application of heat as evenly as possible.

Memory function

Update your recipe as you go