Triple Crock Slow Cooker Mini Series

3 1.5 Qt. Stainless Steel Cookers perfect for Dips


Three times the variety for the complete buffet

  • Three times the options for ultimate home buffet
  • 1 plug powers all 3 units
  • Choose from Low, Medium, and High heating
  • Different dishes require different heats
  • A cool touch when managing your creations
  • Check on progress at a glance
  • Easy to cook, easier to clean
  • Stack and store

Color: StainlessSteel


Easily create and serve multiple meal options with the unique Midea Triple Crock Slow Cooker Series. Cooking is simple and versatile with separate adjustable heat settings for each crock. Convenience features like glass lids and cool touch, heat proof handles make for an enjoyable kitchen experience for all cooks.

Three 2-quart crocks

The 6 quart capacity is cleverly divided into three 2 quart units, giving you full control over serving sizes, options, and flavors.


Cut down on power consumption by plugging up to 6 units to one conventional double electrical outlet.

3 heat settings

Each 2-quart crock features its own heat control allowing you to prep diverse foods for family or guests.

Independent temperature

Stew in one crock, chicken in another, and chili in the third. Mix up a range of foods with independent temperature control.

CoolTouch Handles

CoolTouch handles keep the warmth away from the cook's hands, helping keep prep and serving even easier.

Glass lids

Durable, scratch proof glass lids make for simple monitoring.

Dishwasher safe

Dishwasher safe crock pots and lids help save you time when its clean up time.

Easy to store

Stackable pots take up less space in kitchen storage.