Rice Cooker


Flawless rice every single time

  • Full cooking cycle with just one press
  • Maintains ideal serving temperature after cooking is done
  • Cooks more than just rice
  • Serving spatula and measuring cup included
  • Non-stick coating for easy cleaning

Color: White


Perfect, fluffy, rice is achieved only through the ideal balance of rice, water, heat and time. The Midea Rice Cooker 2000 Series delivers this for every home at the touch of a button. And once cooking is complete, it transitions to an auto-warm function to keep your rice at just the right heat.

OneTouch cooking

Time and simplicity are yours with OneTouch cooking. Cooking is started with a single press, and once it's complete, the rice cooker switches to keep-warm mode automatically, freeing you to attend to other things.


Cleaning is handled in minutes as food slides off the non-stick coating of the inner pot.

Keeps warm automatically

No need to keep checking on your rice. The cooker will automatically switch to a keep warm mode so it's ready for serving whenever you need.


Steam vegetables, or create hearty, healthy stews, and more.

Spatula and measuring cup

Ready to cook and ready to serve. With the convenient spatula and measuring cup you have everything you need to deliver perfectly textured rice.