Pressure Cooker

7 in 1 Programmable 6 Qt. Pressure Cooker


Create a wide range of flavorful and nutritious meals

  • Perfectly distributes heat throughout your recipe
  • Make recipes to suit any taste, every time
  • A wide range of cooking settings helps get it right
  • Smart safety system prevents overcooking
  • Intuitive and elegant operation
  • Removable inner lid
  • Food slides off easily
  • Ideal for couples plus 1

Color: StainlessSteel

MSRP $99.99
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Preserve the textures and flavor consistency of hundreds of dishes with a wide range of taste and cooking settings in the Midea Pressure Cooker 5000 Series. 3D Pressure System applies uniform heating in the pot giving you the control you want over your recipes. Convenience features like the Multi-safety system and non-stick stainless steel pot take a little pressure off meal time.

Stainless steel inner pot

Clean up Is fast and tidy with a non-stick inner pot.

3D Pressure System

The 3D Pressure System generates constant and even pressure, delivering cooked food with optimal flavor and nutrition.

7 taste options

7 taste options ensure that you always get the taste and textures you want out of your ingredients.


Even new chefs can keep favorite dishes at just the right heat and consistency with a range of 12 cooking settings.

Multi-safety system

The multi safety system senses when the cooker is dry or overheating and automatically turns off for you.

Digital control panel

Easy to use and pleasing to the eye, the digital control panel enhances the appearance of the cooker while delivering timing and temperature information.

Easy to clean

Cooking is made easy and so is cleaning up. Pop out the removable inner lid for cleaning and you're ready for your next creations.

6-quart capacity

Cook up enough for two or three with some leftovers for later.