Electric Kettle


A merger of modern design and modern technology

  • Completely personalized temperature settings
  • Highly scratch resistant and durable Schott glass body
  • Integrated tea infuser makes serving tea utterly simple
  • Unique blue LED light ring provides a fresh look in the kitchen
  • Automatic switch off once water is boiled
  • Durable Strix thermostat for long term use
  • OneTouch lid easily adds water

Color: White


As advanced in features and functionality as it is in its modern, sophisticated aesthetic, the Midea Electric Kettle 8000 Series will stand out in any kitchen. Personalized temperature settings help make every beverage just as you desire while the unique and eye-catching HydroLumination LED ring turns the simple act of boiling water into a visual display for family or guests.

Stylish and crystal clear body design

Designed in Germany, Schott glass offers long term flawless brilliance, turning the act of boiling water into ambience for the kitchen. Its scratch resistant finish means a crystal clear view for years.

Durable Strix thermostat

Highly accurate and long term durable, the Strix thermostat will offer years of precise and rapid boiling.

OneTouch Lid

A gentle touch, one-press lid opens the kettle for ease of filling.

Precision temperature sensor

Because not every warm beverage, and not every guest or family member, calls for the same water temperature. The precision temperature sensor allows you to preset the exact water temperature you want.

Integrated infuser

The easy to clean and simple to use integrated infuser helps make tea prep as simple as possible. Just place your desired tea in the infuser, add water, and preset the desired temperature.

HydroLumination LED ring

See blue light cascaded through the crystal body as your water is brought to a steady, rolling boil.

Auto power-off

Dry boiling is impossible with an auto power-off sensor that detects when boiling is reach and shuts off the heating element.