Portable Induction Cooker


Extend your cooking potential

  • Heat up food faster than conventional stove tops
  • Choose your desired cooking time
  • Cook with extra precision, with 10 power levels
  • Powerful, but safe, cooking
  • High temperature safety monitor
  • The control of gas with less energy
  • Adjust with a touch

Color: Black


Your kitchen is amplified with the efficiency, cleanliness, and precision of induction cooking. The Midea Portable Induction Cooker 4000 Series brings the thermal output and speed of an induction stove-top into any kitchen. Induction cooking applies heat directly to the pot, allowing greater efficiency and instant control of temperature. 10-stage power settings help you to tailor your cooking with high precision.

Digital timer

The digital timer, with 3-hour range, allows you to put the induction cooker to work while you move onto other things.

High-sensitive touch control panel

Temperature modulation is elegant and sure at the touch of a finger.


2100-watts of energy delivers heat directly to the pot for remarkably fast cooking.

10-stage power settings

Heat is regulated through the precision of a 10-stage power selecter, providing control and precision cooking.

Automatic power-off switch

The quick to warm cooker is also quick to cool, automatically powering off after 1-minute if it senses there is no pot present.

High temperature protection

This safety feature ensures protection of your countertops and kitchen environment by sensing if the heat is inappropriate.

Energy saving

Similar heating characteristics as a gas stove, but with far more energy efficiency.