Portable Induction Cooker


More cooking options for seasoned chefs

  • Heat up food faster than conventional stove tops
  • The control of gas with less energy
  • Intelligent pre-set temperature settings
  • Increased durability and lifetime
  • Choose your desired cooking time
  • Cook with precision, with 8 power levels
  • Powerful, but safe, cooking
  • Energy efficient induction pan included

Color: Black


Increase your cooking talents with the addition of the flexible Midea Portable Induction Cooker 3000 Series to your kitchen. Induction cooking offers the speed and precision of a gas range, but with the improved energy efficiency of a convection top. Multiple power and cooking settings allow any cook a more personal touch to their food creations as recipes come to life with the speed of induction.

Digital timer

The digital timer, with 3-hour range, allows you to put the induction cooker to work and move onto other things.


2100 Watts delivers heat directly to the pot for remarkably fast cooking.

Energy saving

Similar heating characteristics as a gas stove, but with far more energy efficiency.

6 cooking functions

Choose from 6 different temperature pre-sets to help you get it right every time.

4D water resistance

Made to last with water and stain resistant protectant coating.

8-level power settings

Heat is regulated through the precision of a 8-level power selecter, providing control and precision cooking.

Automatic power-off

The quick to heat cooker is also quick to cool, automatically powering off after 1-minute if it senses there is no pot present.

Induction pan

Start cooking right away with the included high-effeciency induction pan.