48 Cans Beverage Cooler


The 48 can beverage cooler lets you store your favorite canned drinks at the perfect temperature. Compact and stylish, this sleek stainless steel beverage cooler is great for bars, basements, outdoor kitchens or for supplementary drink storage in your kitchen. Keep everyone happy by having plenty of their favorites chilled drinks. With mechanical temperature controls that range between 34 and 64°F, this beverage cooler makes sure your drinks are always at their most refreshing.

  • 48 can storage capacity
  • Mechanical temperature controls
  • Recessed handle
  • Chrome shelf
  • 1 year warranty

Color: StainlessSteel

MSRP $169.99


Premium glass door

Make a selection from your collection before opening the door.

Chrome shelving

Chrome shelving holds bottles better and easily glides out for access.

Recessed handle

Elegant streamlined handle design gives a premium feel.