18,000 BTU Premier Hyper Mid Static Ducted


Higher Static Pressure for Advanced Applications with Ultra-slim Design

  • Hyper Heating Operation, so when it is cold outside it is warm inside.
  • Energy Star so you save on bills.
  • Universal matching so you can connect up to 5 units.

Color: White

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Premier Hyper Mid Static ducted brings up to 150% higher static pressure than standard models - which means more flexibility, as you can duct a large area with only one unit and feel seamless comfort all around with minimum hassle. Installation flexibility continues with an industry-leading ultra slim design, easy conversion to vertical or horizontal discharge and up to 213ft of piping. Hyper Heating and high ambient cooling enables the unit to work with temperatures from -22F to 122F.

Hyper Heating Operation

Premier Hyper Mini-Splits are a primary heat source, with Hyper Heating down to -22F, when its cold outside its warm inside.

Energy Star

Our energy-star rated product has been designed for maximum efficiency, helping you save on bills.

Universal Matching

Modular install of up to 5 indoor units for every 1 outdoor unit, allowing you to set different temperatures in each room for ultimate comfort.

Flexible Air Intake

Fresh air inlet can be installed easily at the back or the bottom of the piping to allow fresh air to circulate in a space.

Built-In Drain Pump

To prevent water build up, the built-in drain pump can lift condensed water up to 29" for release through drainage pipes.

Auto Restart Function

Retain previous mode and settings without the need to power up in the event of a power failure.


Power supply 208-230~1-60 Ph-V-Hz
Capacity 16500 Btu/h
Input 1320 W
Rated current 5.7 A
EER 12.5 Btu/W
SEER 19.6 Btu/W
Capacity 19000 Btu/h
Input 1900 W
HSPF4 11 Btu/W
HSPF5 9.3 Btu/W
Heating at 5 F(-15°C) 19000 Btu/h
Rated current(RLA) 12.5 A
Operation temperature
Indoor(cooling/ heating) 62~90/32~86 F
Outdoor(cooling/heating) 2~122/ -22~86 F
Indoor unit
Dimension(W*D*H) 34.65x28.53x8.27 inch
Packing (W*D*H) 42.13x28.53x10.63 inch
Net/Gross weight 54/66 lbs
Outdoor unit
Dimension(W*D*H) 33.27x14.29x27.64 inch
Packing (W*D*H) 37.99x15.55x30.11 inch
Net/Gross weight 107.6/114.6 lbs
System data
Refrigerant type R410A/68.9 oz
Additional Refrigerant/ft. 0.16 oz
Design pressure 550/340 PSIG
Refrigerant piping
Max. refrigerant pipe length 98 ft
Max. difference in level 66 ft


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