12,000 BTU Premier Hyper Console


Compact design, flexible intallation and wide temperature range.

  • Hyper Heating Operation, so when it is cold outside it is warm inside.
  • Flexible Air Intake to so you enjoy the comfort of fresh air inside, with outside air being brought inside through the connection piping to circulate around the room.
  • Universal matching so you can connect up to 5 units.

Color: White

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Specially designed for discrete indoor placement without compromising on performance, the Premier Hyper Console system provides a heating output to -22F. The energy star rating ensures that you save money while you're creating the right indoor comfort in any season. Universal matching allows up to 5 indoor units to connect for every single outdoor unit, while the flexible air flow cycles the freshest of air from outside for optimal air quality.

Hyper Heating Operation

Premier Hyper Mini-Splits are a primary heat source, with Hyper Heating down to -22F, when its cold outside its warm inside.

Energy Star

Our energy-star rated product has been designed for maximum efficiency, helping you save on bills.

Universal Matching

Modular install of up to 5 indoor units for every 1 outdoor unit, allowing you to set different temperatures in each room for ultimate comfort.

Convenient Temperature Controls

Enjoy ultimate comfort with Sleep Mode and Follow Me which automatically adjust the temperature when sleeping or in another room.

Flexible Air Intake

With multiple return and supply outlets, the air flow circulates throughout the whole space evenly.

Low Ambient Cooling

Even when its cold outside, but warm inside, the air conditoning will keep the area cool; perfect for server rooms and commercial kitchens.

Auto Restart Function

Retain previous mode and settings without the need to power up in the event of a power failure.


Net Weight (LBS) 33.95
Height Condensing Unit (Inches) 21.81
Depth Condensing Unit (Inches) 13.11
Width Condensing Unit (Inches) 31.5
Height Evaporator (Inches) 8.27
Depth Evaporator (Inches) 23.62
Width Evaporator (Inches) 27.56
Refrigerant (Oz) R410A/52.9
Refrigerant piping - Liquid side/ Gas side mm(inch) Φ6.35/Φ12.7(1/4"/1/2")
Type Console
AHRI # 8813813
Energy Star Yes
Air Circulation Hi / Med / Low (CFM) 414/361/267
Static Pressure In (W.C.) N/A
Indoor Noise Level: Hi/Med/Low (DBa) 50/46/37
Outdoor Noise Level Cooling (DBa) 57.0
Outdoor Noise Level Heating (DBa) 57.0
Air Direction Horizontal (Deg Angle) Automatic
Air Filter (Type) Washable
Connection (Type) Flare
Combined Minimum Length (Feet) 10.0
Combined Maximum Length (Feet) 82.0
Maximum Vertical Differential (Feet) 33.0
Connection Pipe Size Suction (Inches) 0.5
Connection Pipe Size Discharge (Inches) 0.25
Condensation Line Size (Inches) 0.625
Voltage / Phase / Frequency 208-230V~ 60Hz, 1Ph
Recommended In / Out Cable 16AWG/4 Stranded, Unshielded
Power Use Rated (Cool / Heat) (KW) N/A
Minimum Circuit Ampacity (Amps) 9.0
Running (Cool / Heat) (Amps) N/A
Recommended Fuse Size (Amps) 15.0
Nominal Cooling (BTU/H) 12000 (4000-13000)
Nominal Heating (BTU/H) 12000 (5000-13500)
Low Temp Heating @5°F (BTU/H) 12000.0
SEER (BTU / KW) 19.4
HSPF (BTU / KW) 10.5
EER (BTU / KW) 12.5
Cooling Operating Range (F ° Degrees) -22~122
Heating Operating Range (F ° Degrees) -22~86
Moisture Removal (Pints/Hour) N/A


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