Midea America Breaks Ground on $10 Million R&D Center in Louisville, KY

August 31, 2016  -  Yesterday, Midea, the world’s leading manufacturer of air conditioners and home appliances, strengthened its US footprint by breaking ground on a $10 million R&D Center in Louisville, KY.  The newly built Midea America Research Center (MARC) will provide technical expertise in developing home appliance products for the US market.
Established in early 2015, MARC has quickly outgrown its initial offices and is now scheduled to move into its custom-designed office and lab space by January 2017.  The brand new 30,000 square foot building will incorporate state-of-the-art lab facilities, testing equipment, and engineering areas, as well as office space for over 60 people. Midea America’s sales and marketing offices remain headquartered in New Jersey.


“We are truly excited to break ground on this state-of-the-art R&D Center right here in Louisville, the epicenter of the ‘Appliance Corridor’ in the US,” says Mark Wilson, Director of Technology for MARC. “As a Kentucky native, I’m proud to bring exceptional talent to the State and to keep the tradition of excellence in home appliances well and truly alive.”
The “Appliance Corridor” incorporates some of the world’s best appliance manufacturing and R&D centers for leading appliance brands. It includes facilities in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  It is the largest concentration of appliance manufacturing and R&D in North America.
“Today marks the latest push by Midea to grow our presence here in Kentucky, and in the US market,” says Jim Tomaszewski, President of Midea America. “We know our success in this market is wholly dependent on developing compelling products for the US consumer. That’s why Midea invests 3% of global revenue in R&D every year, and why we are investing in our R&D footprint here in the US.”

Midea has additionally made recent acquisitions to bolster its R&D efforts around the world, including the purchase of the home appliances business of Toshiba in Japan.
For further information, please contact Susan Bartolucci at susan.bartolucci@midea.com.

About Midea
Midea is a leading global player in Home Appliances and HVAC Systems, with a diversified product offering, encompassing refrigerators, laundry appliances, kitchen appliances, small domestic appliances, and air-conditioners.
For almost 50 years, Midea has provided some of the world’s most popular appliance products to the world, both in its home and worldwide markets, and to major manufacturing brands around the world. 
Midea is focused on continuous technological innovation to improve product and service quality, and to make life more comfortable and pleasant.
Founded in 1968 in Guangdong, China, Midea has now established a global platform of more than 200 subsidiaries and nine strategic business units, with revenues over US$24B (2014) and over 100,000 employees worldwide. 
Midea runs 21 manufacturing sites globally and operates 260 logistics centers. 
Midea is a private company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (000333), with a diversified investor base with approximately 20 percent of shares held by international institutional investors. 


About Midea America
Established in 2003, Midea America Corporation (MAC) is the North American headquarters of Midea, the world’s leading manufacturer of air conditioners and home appliances.
Midea America headquarters its sales and marketing offices in Parsippany, NJ, and US Research & Development in Louisville, KY.  The Midea Customer Care Center is located in Miami, FL, and Canadian Operations are run out of Toronto, Canada.
Midea America markets and distributes air conditioning, home appliance, and floor care products for Midea owned brands, licensed brands and manufacturing customers throughout North America, with over $500M revenue and 60 employees.
The Midea America Research Center (MARC) was established in early 2015 to provide as a technology leadership for Midea America in developing home appliance products for the US market.
MARC provides platform engineering for US appliance products, manages technical testing and development, oversees Midea’s growing US patent portfolio, and acts as a Center of Technical Excellence for Midea worldwide.

About the Speakers
Jim Tomaszewski has been the president of Midea America Corporation since 2015. He brings 25 years of appliance expertise from GE Appliances.  A native of New Jersey, he has lived in Louisville since 1999. Jim earned his BSME from New Jersey Institute of Technology.
Mark Wilson is the Director of Technology and the leader of Midea America Research Center (MARC).  He has 29 years of product development, research & development, and corporate engineering management experience. Mark has his BSME from University of Kentucky and his MSME from University of Louisville.
Kurt Jovais has been the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Midea America since 2015, and was previously the US leader of Product Marketing for Samsung Home Appliances from 2009. He has his BA from Northwestern University and his MBA from Columbia Business School.